Pontypool duo Bruce McDonald and Tony Burgess reteam for Cashtown Corners

The last time acclaimed Canadian director Bruce McDonald teamed up with novelist Tony Burgess, it was for an adaptation of Burgess' unusual zombie novel 'Pontypool Changes Everything' which became the critical hit PONTYPOOL. And while we've heard rumblings in the past of a possible sequel to that film (check out a teaser poster that we hit you with last year HERE), McDonald and Burgess have instead decided to reteam for another take at a Burgess novel, this time the unsettling serial killer themed 'People Still Live in Cashtown Corners'.

The film, currently titled CASHTOWN CORNERS, is still in development, but the creative team has put together a concept trailer to present the project to the CineCoup program in Canada and you can peep it below for a taste of what they're aiming for.

As for what the novel/film is about, check out this synopsis:

Bob Clark lives and works in Cashtown Corners. In fact, he's the only resident of the tiny rural town. Bob has never really felt like himself whenever other people are around, and feeling normal is all he wants in life. One day, Bob decides that the only way to truly be himself is to murder anyone who makes him feel abnormal; which is everyone. This psychological horror chronicles Bob's blood-filled journey through his new life, one that revolves around joyous, satisfying, and beautiful murder. Tragedy rips through everyone in this rural area; everyone except Bob Clark who's never felt more normal.

Hopefully this dynamic duo can get CASHTOWN CORNERS financed and in front of the cameras soon. I guess we'll just have to wait a little longer for that sequel to PONTYPOOL.

PONTYPOOL featured one of more unique takes on the zombie genre I've ever seen.

Extra Tidbit: Are you interested in seeing more from McDonald/Burgess?



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