"Prison Break" star Robert Knepper joins CW's horror-mystery series "Cult"

Horror on the CW sounds like an oxymoron to me, but I'm wrong quite frequently...

As such, it may behoove you to know "Prison Break" and "Heroes" alum Robert Knepper (above) has joined Jessica Lucas and Alona Tal in CW's new horror-mystery series "Cult." Word from Deadline is Knepper will play actor Roger Reeves, who portrays charismatic cult leader Billy Grimm on the show-within-a-show. Billy is a charismatic madman who commands his own cult of followers willing to do anything Billy asks of them — including kidnapping and murder. Meanwhile, off-screen Roger is an affable, working actor.

Alright, so it has a lot of self-reflexivity going on huh, not bad. Consider it in the context of the shows premise:

An inquisitive, young female production assistant on a wildly popular television show called Cult, who, after a rash of disappearances and a likely murder, joins a journalist blogger in investigating the rabid fans of the series who might be re-creating crimes seen on the program in real life.

Sounds decent from the mystery angle, given how limited the horror on network TV can be. Could be worth keeping an eye on after-all. What says you?

Extra Tidbit: How do you like the premise of "Cult"? Worth a watch?
Source: Deadline



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