Production will soon begin on creature feature Welcome to Willits

It was way back in July of 2013 when we first heard of the creature feature WELCOME TO WILLITS, which was expected to go into production in October 2013 with Trevor Ryan at the helm, directing from a screenplay written by his brother Tim Ryan. At the time, Mark Webber had signed on to executive produce and star in the film. Together, the Ryans and Webber shot a proof of concept short entitled WELCOME TO WILLITS: AFTER SUNDOWN, which has gotten some festival play, but the feature never did get made.

Two and half years later, it appears that a production start date is drawing near for WELCOME TO WILLITS, and while it's not clear whether or not Webber is still involved, Rory Culkin has confirmed to Fangoria that he will be in the movie, and he expects that his co-stars will include Katrina Bowden and Thomas Dekker.

Culkin, who will be playing a drifter called Possum, says the film is 

...about this type of meth that, if you smoke it, you can see beings around us that may or may not exist. It’s sort of like, this drug is a window into what’s actually going on around us, and there’s a whole question of whether you’re just tripping or your eyes are truly open."

Sounds like it has some potential. While we wait to hear more about the movie, the proof of concept short can be viewed right here: 


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Source: Fangoria



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