R-rated Venom film inspired by John Carpenter & David Cronenberg!

It was only a few days ago - maybe a week - that we shared the news that Sony was looking to cast The Bride of Venom in the upcoming R-rated "horror movie" spin-off VENOM, starring Tom Hardy.

To be honest, the most frequent comment I saw after that post was, "I'm out!" Which surprises me, but I don't know the comics for crap so maybe I'm missing something major there...

Anyhow, if that bit of news rubbed you the wrong way, maybe today's news will put the flick back into a better light as director Ruben Fleischer and Columbia Pictures president Sanford Panitch were recently speaking with Variety and dropped some awesome new info on the film.

Venom director Ruben Fleischer:

I’ve always been drawn to the more anti-hero superheroes.  There’s a dark element to [Venom] and a wit that has always appealed to me.

Fleischer says the film will deal with Venom’s origins and with the Jekyll and Hyde relationship Brock has with the alien symbiote. 

They become almost a third being, which is what Venom is. There’s a famous quote: ‘You’re Eddie Brock. I’m the symbiote. Together we are Venom.’

This bit I could take it or leave it, truthfully. I've said my peace on Ruben Fleischer and I'll leave it at that. BUT... then the president of Columbia Pictures threw out this gorgeous bit of name-dropping, where he said VENOM "will draw on the work of John Carpenter or David Cronenberg" while promising “more pop and fun.”

I don't give a shite about "Pop" and "Fun". Could care less. But the nods to John Carpenter and David Cronenberg have me all up in arms. In a good way, of course. 

I am 100% sold on this new VENOM (until I see a trailer...) but what do YOU think thus far? Make sure to hit us up on social media and let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

VENOM starts shooting this September in Atlanta, GA.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you haven't seen this EPIC horror director roundtable featuring John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, and John Landis - all mediated by Mick Garris - you have missed out on one of the greatest treasures in horror movie lore. 

Extra Tidbit: I know this is impossible, but pick a director: Carpenter or Cronenberg?
Source: Variety



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