UPDATED: Read Cary Fukunaga & Chase Palmer's abandoned IT script

UPDATE: We were asked to removed the script. 

With the release of the first teaser trailer for the upcoming Stephen King adaptation IT still creeping us out hours later, we have some really cool news to share with you guys. 

As you all know, for quite a while there it looked like TRUE DETECTIVE's Cary Fukunaga was going to be the co-writer/director of the planned IT feature. As it turned out he ended up leaving the production over "creative differences" and a whole list of other things.

Anyhow, we can rejoice and officially call this IT-Day as I can now share the script Fukunaga and Chase Palmer wrote for their adaptation! You can read the script right now, or you can, you know, wait a day or two... But if you are like me and just cannot wait to see what Fukunaga had in store for us, you can read the script RIGHT HERE.

Enjoy and let us know what you think! I know you've already watched the trailer one hundred times today, but whatever, give it one more go below.

Extra Tidbit: Do you read scripts?



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