Ready Player One trailer features Freddy, Christine & DeLorean!

I was NOT expecting this! I just clicked on the trailer for Steven Spielberg's new CGI-heavy adventure flick READY PLAYER ONE because, well it's Spielberg. Holy. Shite!

Not only does the trailer feature The Time Machine from BACK TO THE FUTURE and Kaneda's motorcycle from AKIRA racing (!) but if you look close you can also see Stephen King's CHRISTINE is in on the action as well.

And not to mention, you know, Freddy Krueger!

Yes, THAT Freddy Krueger. In a film by Steven Spielberg.

My goodness, you really just 100% NEED to check this out for yourselves as there are mucho other slick surprises I don't want to spoil right here. Just get to it. Like, right now! We'll talk about it later when you hit us up on social media and let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

All of that said, READY PLAYER ONE isn't by any means a horror movie so we will most likely NOT be covering any more news from the flick - unless, you know, like JAWS or Jason, or Jaws vs Jason - shows up, in which case we'll be letting you know asap!

For more info on READY PLAYER ONE, check it out right HERE.

Extra Tidbit: If Freddy drives Christine I may die instantly somehow.
Source: AITH



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