Road Games trailer takes you for a deadly ride

Abner Pastoll's thriller ROAD GAMES was acquired only a few weeks ago by IFC, and the distributor has already dropped an official trailer for the thriller in our laps. So snag a gun to go along with your baguette, because the French countryside is out to get you!

The synopsis:

After a disastrous summer trip, Jack finds himself hitchhiking through the sun-drenched rural French countryside with nothing but his British passport. Unaware of dangers that are plaguing the roads, he tries without much success to get home. Along the way, he partners up with another hitchhiker, a beautiful French girl, Véronique. But when they accept a ride from a local oddball (Frédéric Pierrot), the pair finds themselves thrown in a deadly game of cat and mouse in which nothing is what it seems.

ROAD GAMES stars Andrew Simpson, Josephine De La Baume, Frederic Pierrot and Barbara Crampton; it opens in NY and LA - as well as on all VOD platforms - on March 4th.

Extra Tidbit: This trailer get your motor runnin'?



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