Sam Raimi to direct Army of Darkness 2?

It was only a week ago when we shared the news that ol' Ash himself, Bruce Campbell, has tossed out confirmation that the long awaited sequel to director Sam Raimi's ARMY OF DARKNESS was going to happen, and today we have seemingly have confirmation that Raimi will return to direct the sequel.

Fede Alvarez, who directed this year’s EVIL DEAD remake, was asked on Twitter if he would be directing ARMY OF DARKNESS 2. Alvarez, who is currently writing the sequel to EVIL DEAD with Rodo Sayagues, responded with confirmation that Raimi will be taking the helm on AoD2. You can see the tweet below…



This is exciting news, indeed. But really...was there ever any doubt that Raimi would be directing ARMY OF DARKNESS 2 if and when it finally happens? Now the question is which film will we see first? EVIL DEAD 2 or ARMY OF DARKNESS 2?

Extra Tidbit: Which film are you most excited to see? EVIL DEAD 2 or ARMY OF DARKNESS 2?



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