Samara is back in first behind-the-scenes look at Rings

This might be a tad underwhelming if you were hoping to see something truly startling, but in case you were wondering what Samara will look like in the upcoming prequel RINGS, here's your chance. The director of the film, F. Javier Gutierrez, posted the below picture on his Instagram page; clearly you see Samara getting a little touch up during what is probably just a make-up test. Still counts as our first look at the villain of the upcoming franchise reboot (which is being shot in Atlanta, Georgia). Below you'll see another vague peek at the ghostly gal, plus a page from one of Gutierrez' storyboards.

Matilda Lutz will star in the film, which was penned by Akiva Goldsman and David Louka. No plot details are available at this time, but it has been reported RINGS will take place several years before the events of Gore Verbinski's THE RING.

Paramount has given RINGS a November 13th release date.

Source: Instagram



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