Scott Derrickson will Beware the Night

With SINISTER lined up for theatrical release October 5th, Scott Derrickson (THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL remake) is returning to the genre that made him famous. This trend is set to continue with the next project he has signed on to direct and write, BEWARE THE NIGHT.

Pitched as a horror police procedural, BEWARE THE NIGHT "is set in a paranormal world and follows a New York police officer investigating real life demon possessions, exorcisms and werewolves after dark.” The lead role was originally offered to Mark Wahlberg, who has since passed on the project. Derrickson is also attached to helm the Charlize Theron vehicle TWO EYES STARRING and shares screenwriting credits on Atom Egoyan's THE DEVIL’S KNOT, a docudrama about the West Memphis 3.

I don’t know about the Schmoe contingency, but I am a fan of Mr. Derrickson’s work. Since HELLRAISER: INFERNO the guy has consistently approached his genre output with a degree of intelligence and skill uncommon among his contemporaries (save for James Wan). Though I’m a card-carrying agnostic myself, I also find his devout Christian beliefs give a texture to his work, such as EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE, that makes his projects feel more personal than the usual genre fare. I greatly look forward to all of the guy’s future films. Especially if they involve Charlize Theron (below).

Extra Tidbit: What say you, fellow Schmoes? Is Scott Derrickson as big a deal as I claim, or am I way off base on this one? Give your thoughts below.
Source: The Wrap



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