Scream Factory bringing us The Final Terror & House in the Alley this year

Our love affair with Scream Factory continues to grow as the company recently announced two exciting upcoming releases this week on their official Facebook page: 1983's THE FINAL TERROR and the contemporary Vietnamese supernatural shocker HOUSE IN THE ALLEY.

Scream Factory's 2014 "Summer of Fear" release schedule is about to get even better with the upcoming release of the long-lost 1983 slasher film THE FINAL TERROR, which is coming to Blu-ray & DVD for the first time ever!

This killer-in-the-woods entry stars an eclectic group of stars including Rachel Ward (NIGHT SCHOOL), Daryl Hannah (BLADE RUNNER), Adrian Zmed (GREASE 2, "TJ Hooker") and Joe Pantoliano ("The Sopranos"). Scream Factory is aiming for a July release. No details on extras to report at this time but the key art you see below - adapted from the original theatrical key art - is final (no pun intended).

And on May 27 Scream Factory will be releasing the Vietnamese film HOUSE IN THE ALLEY on DVD (sorry, no Blu on this one, folks) with English and Vietnamese audio tracks. Check out the synopsis, trailer and early art for HOUSE IN THE ALLEY below.

A young married couple in their new home begin to experience sinister forces and strange phenomena after an unfortunate miscarriage. As the events become more terrifying, they must race to uncover the secrets of the House in the Alley before they lose their sanity…and their lives.

Extra Tidbit: Have you ever seen THE FINAL TERROR? Are you excited to hear it will be coming our way from Scream Factory?



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