Showtime won't be taking you to Twin Peaks until 2017

There have recently been some rumblings that Showtime's revival of David Lynch's 1990 - '91 television series Twin Peaks might be reaching airwaves in 2017 instead of 2016, and now that 2017 date is coming straight from CBS Corp. chief Leslie Moonves.

CBS Corp. owns and operates Showtime, and during CBS's third-quarter earnings conference, Moonves said Twin Peaks will be making its premiere in 2017 and is expected to draw in more subscribers for the network's standalone streaming service.

2016 did seem like the perfect time for Twin Peaks to come back, and not just because it'd be a shorter wait. As fans know, the series finale, which aired on June 10, 1991, contained the line "I will see you again in twenty-five years." A 2016 premiere would have fulfilled the promise.

Then again, it will be still be in the twenty-five year range if Twin Peaks debuts on Showtime before June 10th in 2017, and if a little extra time helps them perfect the episodes, it's best that they take it.

David Lynch is directing every episode of the new season, and wrote them all with his Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost. Original cast members Kyle MacLachlan, Sherilyn Fenn, Sheryl Lee, Dana Ashbrook, and Madchen Amick are returning and are being joined by Amanda Seyfried, Peter Sarsgaard, Balthazar Getty, Robert Knepper, and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Naomi Watts and Robert Forster may also be on board.

Madchen Amick

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Source: Variety



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