Sigourney Weaver joins Paul Feig's Ghostbusters


At this point, the cat's out of the bag. In fact, he's run down the block and already entered a different zip code: Most of the original GHOSTBUSTERS cast will indeed be making cameos in Paul Feig's new film, which recently wrapped production in Boston. We already knew Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Annie Potts would be featured in the film, and because he's simply become powerless to stop the leaks, Feig has taken to Twitter to officially announce Sigourney Weaver will be in the film as well.



Feig's understandably disappointed that these surprises are getting out, but that's the nature of the business today. It would seem as though most of the returning cast members are just popping in momentarily in the film (Aykroyd plays a cab driver, Hudson a hearse driver, etc.), so it's a good guess Weaver's appearance will be similarly brief. Still, I'll take any opportunity to see her on the big screen.

Now we wait and see if Rick Moranis will fall into place. GHOSTBUSTERS comes out July 2016.


Source: Twitter



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