Slasher House scores UK distribution; US release not far behind

It was only a few short weeks ago that we shared the latest trailer and poster for director MJ Dixon's SLASHER HOUSE (check out our last report HERE) and today we have the news that slasher fans in the UK will soon be able to cop this cool-looking lil flick as it is scheduled to be released on DVD on April 29.

When Red awakens in a prison cell within an old abandoned Madhouse, she has no idea how she got there and why she has been placed there. As her cell door mysteriously opens she soon discovers that she s not alone; she is trapped with the worlds most notorious serial killers. She finds herself caught in a deadly game with no apparent escape, as one by one the other inmates are released to stalk her. Red must battle these psychopaths as she struggles for freedom but she soon realizes that there is a much bigger plan for her than she first realized. Will this Final girl have what it takes? Or will she see the last of her days in the endless corridors of SLASHER HOUSE?

Safecracker Pictures will be handling the UK distribution of SLASHER HOUSE and the word is that we'll soon be hearing news on the US release of the film in the coming weeks.

SLASHER HOUSE stars Eleanor James as the unfortunate lead character, Red, with Adam Williams, Wellington Grosvenor, Andrew M. Greenwood, and Alex Grimshaw as the four maniacs who are after her. You can pre-order the flick on DVD from Amazon UK right HERE.

Extra Tidbit: The premise sounds fun enough but do you think that SLASHER HOUSE will have what it takes to deliver the goods?



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