Sony's Venom will be an R-rated horror flick!

We weren't sure if we should be covering the upcoming Marvel/Sony adaptation of VENOM. I mean sure he skews into horror territory but we all agreed our time would be better suited bring you guys the scoops on "straight" horror flicks, thank you very much.

That said, this might all change as of today as we are getting news that not only is VENOM set to be a horror/ action/ science fiction movie, but also that the plan is to film the movie as R-RATED!

This news story comes from two different sources. 

One is My Entertainment World which brought us the news that not only is shooting on VENOM set to begin this fall (director and cast news soon??) but describes the flick as an action/horror/science fiction" flick. I got you on the action and sci-fi, it's the horror that has me super excited!

On top of that, the other news article came through Collider which reported that the new VENOM flick will be rated-R! Can you believe THAT shite? I know R-rated comic adaptations are all the rage right now (and I couldn't be happier) but an R-rated "Spider-Man" movie is almost too cool to take.

Additionally, the plan is for the VENOM flick to be scripted by Dante Harper (ALIEN: COVENANT), in the hopes of launching Sony's own Marvel universe.

I cannot wait for a CARNAGE flick myself.

The last time VENOM hit screens, he was joined by these two ladies.

Extra Tidbit: Who's hotter: Dunst or Dallas Howard?



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