Stephen King's IT: Chapter 2 casts Adult Eddie!

One of the very best horror movies of last year was director Andres Muschietti's take on STEPHEN KING'S IT. And since the movie was always planned to merely be an adaptation of half of King's massive novel, the fact that the sequel is coming soon makes a ton of sense.

And speaking of IT: CHAPTER 2, we have already heard that Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, and James McAvoy are in talks to play the adult counterparts of Beverly, Richie, and Bill. And today we have word on who will play Eddie. Yes, Deadline reports that James Ransone will be playing the adult version of Eddie in Andy Muschietti’s sequel.

Ransone is well-known in the horror community for starring in such horror mini-classics as SINISTER, SINISTER 2, Blumhouse's recent vampire-drama FAMILY BLOOD, Ti West's IN A VALLEY OF VIOLENCE, and the underappreciated KRISTY. I think Ransone is an inspired choice to play Eddie, mostly because the man bears a striking resemblance to little Jack Dylan Grazer, who portrayed Eddie in the first chapter. 

IT: Chapter 2 hits theaters September 6th, 2019. Bill Skarsgard will return as Pennywise as production starts this summer in Toronto.

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Source: Deadline



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