Stephen King's Mr. Mercedes renewed for season 2

When all is said and done, 2017 will go down as "the year of Stephen King". I mean every year seems to produce tons of work based on the writings of King for the big and the small screen, but this year, I think, has been an exception.

Well, get ready for the ball to keep on rolling, as 2018 will now, at the very least, see the return of the TV series MR. MERCEDES to the small screen... if not THE MIST.

Yes, it has just been announced the 10-episode second season will begin in February 2018.

The second season will again be based on King's "Bill Hodges Trilogy". The first of which was MR. MERCEDES; with the other books FINDERS KEEPERS and END OF WATCH to make up remaining seasons of the show.

David E. Kelly is set to return as a writer for season 2 as well as Dennis Lehane. Director Jack Bender will return as well and King, Kelley, Lehane, and Bender will continue to serve as executive producers. 

Christopher Long, head of the Audience Network on S2:

We’re thrilled that the first installment of ‘Mr. Mercedes’ resonated with such a wide audience. David E. Kelley, Jack Bender, Dennis Lehane, and Sonar did a masterful job crafting a series that honored the original work by Stephen King. We’re excited to have the opportunity to create a second season with this incredible team.

Series director Jack Bender on renewal:

Mr. Mercedes is Stephen King writing about the monsters inside his characters rather than outside. We were extremely fortunate to attract an amazing cast, led by Brendan Gleeson and Harry Treadaway, to bring these flawed, complex colorful characters to life. With Sonar and AT&T, along with great scripts and our talented team in Charleston, I am thrilled to keep telling this story.

MR. MERCEDES S2 will premiere in 2018.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of season one thus far?
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