Supernatural thriller The Healer, starring Isabelle Fuhrman, renamed The Between

The snotty little bee-yotch from ORPHAN and the great Peter Bogdanovich? Color me sold!

Over a year ago we told you about a supernatural chiller called THE HEALER, one from The Little Film Company. Well, the flick has since been renamed THE BETWEEN. Giorgio Serafini (GAME OF DEATH) still writes and directs his own script; Joel Courtney, James LeGros, Natalia Dyer, Trace Adkins and Tyler Chase also star.

The skinny: An ailing father, who is about to undergo a potentially life-threatening surgery, takes his teenage kids into the woods to try and recapture their early closeness, before he and his wife divorced and everything changed. But the three are swept into a supernatural adventure, in which only their Father, Chris, "The Healer," has the ability to control their destinies. Lost in a haunted forest from which there seems no escape except death, this moving and sensitive script tells a beautiful story of a family's tragedy & resilience.

No telling when THE BETWEEN will be seen, but it's apparently been completed. Meanwhile, Serafini is already prepping his next flick, a comedy titled WOOFY. More when it comes...

Extra Tidbit: Better title: THE HEALER or THE BETWEEN?
Source: TLFC



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