SXSW Festival poster for Milo is ready to be flushed

As you know, MILO is gearing up for its SXSW premiere just around the corner and has now released its promotional one-sheet for the festival. Directed by Jacob Vaughan and roduced by The Duplass Brothers (BAGHEAD), the film stars Ken Marino, Peter Stormare and Gillian Jacobs. For how ridiculous of a premise that MILO has to offer you would think the poster would have been a little bit more inspiring. I do like the illustrated style though, a rare choice these days. The poster is a special collaboration between Vaughan and the artist Mark Landry, who is both a screenwriter and disciple of legendary artist Drew Struzan.

A young married man discovers that his stress has created a terrifying gremlin that lives inside of him and emerges to exact revenge on the individuals causing his anxiety. Only by managing his stress and confronting this demon can he protect himself and his close friends from suffering similarly gruesome deaths. Think R-rated Gremlins meets Attack the Block.

Check out the all new poster below!

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of the latest poster for MILO?
Source: THR



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