Takashi Shimizu's Flight 7500 finally being released in U.S.


Well, it only took about five years, but Takashi Shimizu's plane-bound supernatural thriller FLIGHT 7500 is finally being released in North America. On DVD, of course.

This film, you'll hopefully recall, was shot in late 2011 for CBS Films and originally had a 2012 release date. The film was delayed time and time again, ultimately pulled altogether from CBS' release schedule, vanquished to TBD hell. (Though it was released in some territories overseas.)

The good news for those of you still itching to take this flight is that Lionsgate has picked it up for distribution, so it'll finally get its moment in the sun when they release it on April 12th.

On a flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo, a plane is shaken by severe weather. When the turbulence subsides, a passenger suddenly dies - and a supernatural force is unleashed, overtaking the passengers as they desperately fight to figure out what it is and how to stop it.

FLIGHT 7500 stars Ryan Kwanten, Leslie Bibb,  Jamie Chung, Jerry Ferrara, Scout Taylor-Compton, Christian Serratos, Johnathon Schaech, and Amy Smart.

Extra Tidbit: The above trailer was released in February 2012.



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