Blu-ray/DVD Release Dates: March & April 2016!

Last Updated on July 21, 2021

Winter is slowly but surely getting the hell out of our hair, so open up the windows and enjoy a full blast of new Blu-ray and DVD release dates! March has a few notable things in store, like Quentin Tarantino's nutty western THE HATEFUL EIGHT, a three-pack of I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE movies (if that's your thing), and the James McAvoy-Daniel Radcliffe starrer VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN! There's a lot of good stuff coming in April, including the incredibly-delayed FLIGHT 7500, the groovy Irish horror flick THE HALLOW (which is the image in the thumbnail, FYI), the Oscar-winning survival epic THE REVENANT, and the new Christmas horror classic KRAMPUS, which just happens to feature a quote from yours truly!

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FLIGHT 7500's Leslie Bibb

Source: Arrow in the Head

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