Take the truth with new poster for Netflix's Punisher

I'm looking forward to Netflix's solo THE PUNISHER series, and I'm sure you are too. But let me ask you, does this whole "redacted" release date thing intrigue you, or just bother the absolute shite out of you?

I'm a very organized person so I like to know when my flicks and shows hit Netflix, but maybe that's just me. Anyhow today we have an all-new poster for the upcoming solo season, meaning the release date will be soon. Hopefully...

You can check out all the new poster from Netflix's THE PUNISHER solo series below and make sure to let us know how excited you are by hitting us up on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

Netflix's THE PUNISHER synopsis:

Frank Castle is haunted and hunted after the murder of his family and becomes a vigilante known in the criminal underworld as "the Punisher", who aims to fight crime by any means necessary.

Netflix's THE PUNISHER debuts this Fall!

Extra Tidbit: Pick a Punisher: Jane or Bernthal?
Source: Netflix



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