Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel eyes Sam Strike as Leatherface

TExas Chainsaw Massacre

Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo may have found the star of their TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE prequel, LEATHERFACE, as Sam Strike is reportedly in talks to play the titular character’s teenage years. Those are some big shoes to fill, kid. So, who is Sam Strike? That’s a good question, actually. While he doesn’t have a lot of credits under his belt, Strike is mostly known for his role in the TV series “EastEnders”, so there’s that.

We still don’t know much about what the INSIDE duo have planned for LEATHERFACE other than it is expected to serve as an origin story that follows Leatherface’s early years in the 1970s. It's a refreshing take on the franchise, and while I agree that we don't necessarily need to know how Leatherface came to be the chainsaw-wielding madman that Tobe Hooper conjured up in 1974, it'll be interesting to see what a couple of minds like Maury and Bustillo have in store.

Carl Mazzocone is producing LEATHERFACE with Christa Campbell and Lati Grobman after they successfully resurrected the franchise in 2013. Les Weldon is also a producer on the project, which is being executive produced by Millennium’s Avi Lerner, Trevor Short, Boaz Davidson, John Thompson, Mark Gill and Beth Bruckner O’Brien.

Sam Strike Leatherface

Extra Tidbit: Are you interested in Leatherface's teenage years?
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