That Embrace of the Vampire remake starts filming with hottie Sharon Hinnendael starring

Way back in March I told you all how CineTel Films were planning on remaking the classic(?) genre erotica EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE. Alright, that's cool... But three months without a single update on the project... Not cool.

Today however we finally have our update from the folks over at Variety. It seems the remake has finally started filming with hottie Sharon Hinnendael taking on the lead role. The actress (above) will be playing 'Charlotte' in the film, which is being described as a 'supernatural FIFTY SHADES OF GREY.' Dear God... Sounds like the female population will be eating this one up.

Story follows a virginal college student who is introduced to a dark world of carnal desires after being seduced by a handsome vampire.

Alan Mruvka's Filmology Labs Entertainment are teaming with Grobman-Campbell Films to produce EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE, which is being financed by Lisa Hansen and Paul Herzberg of Cinetel Films along with Anchor Bay Entertainment, which is a division of Starz Media.

Production on EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE is underway as we speak in Vancouver so expect more from this one soon.

Extra Tidbit: Alyssa Milano (above) starred as 'Charlotte' in the original EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE.
Source: Variety



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