The Annabelle doll from The Conjuring is getting her own movie?

If you've seen THE CONJURING then you should be very familiar with the freaky-as-shit Annabelle doll that was featured in the film. Well, that creepy she-bitch is getting her very own film titled ANNABELLE. According to Schmoes Know, THE CONJURING’s Director of Photography John R. Leonetti will take the helm, and sources say the movie will begin filming in Spring of 2014. The one thing I hear a lot of people talk about when referring to Wan's film is how shit-inducing the Annabelle doll was, so maybe the folks over at Warner Bros. are onto something here.

So where does that leave the sequel THE CONJURING 2? Well apparently that one is still moving along quite nicely as the site also says that the Hayes brothers (writers of the original) are hard at work on the second chapter. And not surprisingly Warner Bros. is hoping to get James Wan back behind the camera for the sequel, but are unsure if his schedule will allow him to be a part of the project. Yea, right. While getting Wan back for the sequel would be huge, I wouldn't hold my breathe.

Extra Tidbit: Are you interested in an ANNABELLE spinoff?
Source: Schmoes Know



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