The CW is developing a ghost cop show called Dead Inside

RIPD Jeff Bridges Ryan Reynolds

A new supernatural-themed television series is in development at The CW, and this one has a concept that could come off as being really goofy and cheesy if it's not handled correctly. Titled Dead Inside, this potential show has the following synopsis: 

After surviving an explosion that killed her hotshot detective big brother, an underachieving beat cop starts seeing his ghost, flipping their sibling dynamic on its head and allowing her to truly live her life for the first time, as they work together to help crime victims both living and dead, and figure out the unfinished business keeping his spirit on Earth.

The show could use the title "Ghost Cop" if they wanted to. Fox ordered a pilot called Ghost Cop back in 1998, but that show never got beyond its pilot. But, Ghost Cop is a funny title, and Dead Inside is aiming to be a drama. They'll have to tread carefully to accomplish that.

The Dead Inside pilot script is written by Katie Lovejoy, who will be executive producing with Bill Lawrence and Jeff Ingold of Doozer Productions.

It's not likely that this will be anything like the ghost cop movie R.I.P.D. (pictured above), and being nothing like R.I.P.D. is a good place to start.

Extra Tidbit: How does Dead Inside sound to you?
Source: Deadline



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