The CW orders a pilot based on The Lost Boys

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A couple years ago, Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas was developing a series based on the 1987 film THE LOST BOYS, with his vision being that the show would run for seven seasons and follow the title characters through seven decades, each season being set in a different decade. The first would be in the 1960s, and by the end of the run we'd be in the 2020s.

Season 1 will be set in San Francisco during the Summer of Love, 1967. Each season, the humans, the setting, the antagonist and the story all change — only the vampires, our Lost Boys, who like the Peter Pan characters never grow up, remain the same.

The CW decided not to order a pilot for that iteration of the show, but they still hoped to have a TV series based on the propertyand wanted the concept to be redeveloped. Now writer Heather Mitchell, who has been credited as co-producer on Grey's Anatomy and co-executive producer on Scandal, has come up with a version of The Lost Boys that The CW likes... and it's really no surprise that this take on the concept sounds like a straightforward TV adaptation of the '87 movie. 

Welcome to sunny seaside Santa Carla, home to a beautiful boardwalk, all the cotton candy you can eat… and a secret underworld of vampires. After the sudden death of their father, two brothers move to Santa Carla with their mother, who hopes to start anew in the town where she grew up. But the brothers find themselves drawn deeper and deeper into the seductive world of Santa Carla’s eternally beautiful and youthful undead.

That's an easier sell, even though I was more interested in the idea that spanned decades.

The CW has ordered a pilot based on Mitchell's script. She will be executive producing the show alongside Rob Thomas, Dan Etheridge, Mike Karz, and Bill Bindley, with Rebecca Franko producing.

The companies behind the pilot are Spoondoolie Productions and Gulfstream Television, in association with Warner Bros. Television.

We'll keep you updated on this return to the world of The Lost Boys as more information becomes available.

Source: Deadline



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