The Devil's Rejects cast member Daniel Roebuck returns for 3 from Hell

Lost Daniel Roebuck

It has been thirteen days since writer/director Rob Zombie took to his social media accounts to reveal that he is currently in production on a new film called 3 FROM HELL, a sequel to HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES and THE DEVIL'S REJECTS. In that time, Zombie has also made four casting announcements through his social media accounts, letting us know that returning CORPSES / REJECTS stars Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, and Sheri Moon Zombie are being joined in the cast by ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13's Austin Stoker, genre icon Dee Wallace, and Zombie regular Jeff Daniel Phillips.

The fourth and most recent announcement is no surprise, as Zombie has confirmed that another of his frequent collaborators has made their way into the sequel. This collaborator is Daniel Roebuck (pictured above on the TV show Lost), who not only had roles in Zombie's films 31, THE LORDS OF SALEM, the HALLOWEEN remake and HALLOWEEN II, but also made an appearance in THE DEVIL'S REJECTS.

Like Moseley, Haig, and Mrs. Zombie, Roebuck will be reprising his role from the previous film; in his case, that role is TV personality Morris Green. Green didn't have a lot to do in REJECTS, but he was shown conducting an interview and the full episode of The Morris Green Show was included as an extra on the film's home video release.

Roebuck is always a welcome presence in any cast, so I'm glad to hear that Morris Green is still showing up on the boob tube so many years down the line from REJECTS.

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