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The Devil's Rejects(2005)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Rob Zombie

Bill Moseley/Otis
Sheri Moon/Baby
William Forsythe/Wydell
Sid Haig/Captain J.T. Spaulding
8 10
The fun loving Firefly family is on the lam from the cops, more specifically the bitter brother of deceased Lt. George Wydell (from the first film), Sheriff John Wydell (Forsythe). The latter has a score to settle and he’s got God, furious anger & psychosis on his side. My kind of 5.0! Let it rain blood!

I am the devil, and I am here to do the devil's work. - Otis

I totally fell in love with House of a 1000 Corpses when I first saw it! Its LSD jive, mixed in with its high brutality and macabre imagery made it my main dame to lick in 2003. So it’s with holy anticipation that I’ve been awaiting the release of The Devil’s Rejects, the sequel to House of a 1000 Corpses. Lucky me, I got to see it early (it will be released on July 22nd 2005).

Although this is a sequel to House of a 1000 Corpses, with the same characters, it could pretty much act as a stand-alone. King Zombie drove down a totally different highway with Devil’s Rejects. Where the original was a surreal nightmare, this sequel was grounded in reality with a gritty/grungy, 70’s like look to it. To be honest, the film didn’t meet my bigger than my Visa debt expectations but I had a freaking LA riot with it nonetheless! I was so taken in by the many nasty/sadistic situations, the delicious dark sense of humor at play, the ample TNA, the fly 70” music and the finger licking good style that Zombie served up. You see those scene transitions? You see that trip out segment? Or about that polished opening and that out of whack (in a good way) ending? FREAKING NICE!

The stellar cast in this morgue pitch forked in to make this road killing ride a merrier one as well. In tandem with the usual suspects from the original we got some great additions here! For example: Ken Foree was mucho likeable as Charlie and Danny Trejo is always the shite in my book! Thankfully, everyone was enthusiastic and on the ball performance wise making way for an engaging gang to party with. Special props go out to William Forsythe though; he stole the damn show every time he was onscreen (in my opinion of course). Forsythe’s performance made me think the un-thinkable…it made me root for him to KILL the Firefly family. I know…SHAME ON ME! But I couldn’t help it! The man was so filled with rage, menace and intensity that I fell in lust with his zealous arse! Wrap all those dead bodies in a well rounded and quick wit screenplay (The dialogue reminded me Tarantino), groovy nods to Texas Chainsaw Massacre & House of a 1000 Corpses and a furious pace that just wouldn’t let up, and you get a bitter pill that you won’t want to swallow, you’ll yearn to crunch it down fervently until it stains your tongue red.

Any beefs with this loon? A few…maybe I’m over-horrored these days but I just didn’t think the flick went far enough with its violence. I remember hearing Bill Moseley (Otis) say that the Priscilla Barnes scene would ruin us! That didn’t happen; sure it was mean spirited but nothing to lose my lunch-box over. I have a feeling the un-rated cut of the film will be the flick that I was looking for coming in this R Rated cut. Lastly, was it me or did the characters lose a pinch of their zest in this sequel? You see by playing it down, that little something that made them so special in the original was somewhat absent here (Was that Baby? Didn’t feel like her!)

At the end of the stab, The Devil’s Rejects still came through as a nasty, dirty, perverted and balls to the wall road trip in “murder land”. Load up your 6 shooters and whip out that Bowie knife… there’s some killing to be done!

We get random bullet wounds, a bullet in the head, bullet in the throat, a vicious bludgeoning, stabbings, nails in the hand and skinned off face. Although violent, it wasn’t as graphic as I thought it would be.
Bill Moseley (Otis) nailed it again! He had that Manson look down pat and his demeanor went from sympathetic to quite scary…good show! Sheri Moon (Baby) did fine most of the way but she looked a tad lost in places as if hesitant as to how to play the part. That’s just my outside perception. Great Jeans on that girl though! William Forsythe (Wydell) WAS the movie for me! His intense and highly credible display had me riveted to the screen throughout…simply AMAZING! Sid Haig (Captain J.T. Spaulding) was hilarious as per usual and a treat to watch! Ken Foree was a hoot as Charlie while Leslie Easterbrook (Mother Firefly) did an admirable job. I preferred Karen Black’s rendition but grooved to her anyways. And was that the always-slick Danny Trejo doing his thing (Hondo)? YOU BET IT WAS!
T & A
We get full on nudity (bush & tits) from one gal, a breast shot from Ginger Lynn, another breast shot from Priscilla Barnes (who is also in her undies) and Sheri Moon’s SWEET ass. Very ironic that her name is Sheri “Moon” where it's pretty much what she does for the whole of the film…THANK YOU!
Zombie is beyond coming into his own as a director, he almost already feels like a veteran. I particularly grooved to his sense of rhythm, his knack at striking imagery, his scene transitions and his “impact heavy” use of sound/music/silence. WOW! Keep it up Rob!
The various 70’s ditties worked for the film like 3 Tequila shooters down one’s throat. Freebird baby…FREEBIRD!
What would happen if House of a 1000 Corpses had a one-night bang with Badlands and The Wild Bunch? The hard piping, Whisky downing, The Devil’s Rejects would happen! This squashed armadillo oozed out a tight screenplay, yummy brutality, warped humor and hypnotic visuals that will make you go “F*CK YEAH”. Sure I didn’t find the flick to be disturbing enough and the lead cast lost something in the transition between the surreal/over the top original and this down and dirty Cow-Corpse opus, but on the whole this baby still delivered hardcore while being tighter than a virgin’s love-box. Accept this reject with open arms and then let it slit your jugular! Thanks again Rob! You came through again! Can’t wait for the un-rated cut! (If there is one)
The flick boasted quite the impressive supporting cast. I’m talking: Michael “The Hills Have Eyes” Berryman (Clevon), Ginger Lynn Allen (Fanny), Steve “Lifeforce” Railsback (Sheriff Ken Dwyer), P.J. “Halloween” Soles (Susan), Eg Daily (Candy), Tom Towles (in a cameo as George Wydell from the first film), Rosario Dawson (Debbie) and the GREAT Geoffrey Lewis.

Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees Part 7 to 10) was the Stunt Coordinator on the film

Word on the street was that Karen Black didn’t appear in the sequel cause she wanted more “green”, great career move there hun!

The film was shot in California.