The Exorcist remake in the works?!

Here's some news sure to throw horror hounds into a tizzy with the quickness. In an article about production company Morgan Creek's selling of their film library, it's mentioned in an offhand manner that THE EXORCIST could very well get a remake. The horror.

Morgan Creek is selling domestic rights to its library of 78 films (which also includes Ace Ventura, Major League and True Romance), "strictly for economic reasons,” Morgan Creek CEO Jim Robinson told Deadline.  As part of any sale, Morgan Creek would retain remake rights for five titles, one of which is the William Friedkin classic. Robinson evidently told Deadline that "ideas are being tossed around" for a remake of THE EXORCIST, as well as Major League and Ace Ventura. Most of us couldn't care less what happens with those two (although they don't need remakes either), but you're damn sure an EXORCIST remake is going to raise some eyebrows. And pitchforks. And torches.  

But let's all take a deep breath. This obviously doesn't mean a remake of THE EXORCIST is absolutely happening. But the very fact that it's even mentioned here is cause for some concern, mostly because it's not at all hard to imagine. A few years ago, there were rumblings of a mini-series version of the William Peter Blatty novel, but that never materialized. May the same fate befall this potential project.

Extra Tidbit: So... is the world coming to an end?
Source: Deadline



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