The Human Centipede 3 will feature HOW many people?!

Obviously, when it comes to THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3, writer-director Tom Six is aiming to top the already insane levels of depraved madness he conjured up with the first two flicks. We already know that the flick is being shot in the U.S. and will star Six himself, Dieter Laser and Laurence R. Harvey... but what else does Six have up his sleeve?

Six took to Twitter recently and gave us a hint: #humancentipede3 will have a 500+ person pede. XXXXL American style!

It's easy to go, "yeah, sure", but let's not forget who we're dealing with here. Six seems like he'll do anything to get a rise out of his audience, and simply doubling the 12-person centipede from the sequel just wouldn't be ghastly enough... 500 people? I guess anything's possible.

Six also promised to reveal details regarding auditions for HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3; we'll keep an eye on the deranged Twitter feed for more...

HUMAN CENTIPEDE star Ashlynn Yennie

Extra Tidbit: Six is evidently looking to get a "hollywood star" on board the 'pede as well. Who should he get?
Source: Twitter



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