The makers of Taken and Bone Tomahawk join forces for Big Stone Grid

Pierre Morel Taken Maggie Grace

Way back in 2011, Sony Pictures acquired a spec script titled BIG STONE GRID that was written by S. Craig Zahler, who made his directorial debut last year with the horror/Western BONE TOMAHAWK (pictured below). As of early 2012, MANHUNTER's Michael Mann was in talks to work on script revisions with Zahler and to direct the film. The Mann take on the material didn't come to fruition, but four years later new life has been breathed into the project, as Pierre Morel, director of TAKEN (pictured above), has now signed on to helm the film for Lotus Entertainment.

Described as a high-concept, hard-edged suspense thriller and compared to the likes of SEVEN and MARATHON MAN, BIG STONE GRID centers on 

a pair of big-city detectives caught in a cat-and-mouse game with serial killers who have themselves been extorted into committing heinous crimes. 

Lotus will be financing and handling worldwide sales. Bill Johnson, Jim Seibel, Ara Keshishian, Adam Fields, and Josh Bratman are producing.

Casting is underway, with production expected to begin sometime in early 2017.

The description of the plot, the talent involved, and the talent once interested in bringing it to the screen all work together to make me very intrigued by this project. I'm looking forward to seeing how BIG STONE GRID turns out.

Bone Tomahawk Kurt Russell S. Craig Zahler

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