The Orphanage's Belen Rueda to star in The Pact

Belen Rueda The Orphanage

With his award-winning, high-concept shorts, director David Victori earned recognition from Variety as "a director to watch" back in 2012. Five years later, Victori is moving into the feature world with THE PACT (or EL PACTO), a Spanish horror-thriller starring Belén Rueda of THE ORPHANAGE and JULIA'S EYES.

Rueda plays a woman named Monica

who, faced with the impending death of her only daughter, will have to descend into hell in order to prevent it from happening.

Also in the cast with Rueda are Mieria Oriol and Dario Grandinetti. Production is currently underway in Barcelona and is scheduled to last for seven weeks.

Victori says that THE PACT 

has as its starting point an essential premise: What would you be capable of doing to stop the death of a loved one and what happens to someone who tries to circumvent the natural course of life?"

Producers Edmon Roch and Jordi Gasull add that the film talks about evil and the fact that 

Evil or the Devil or whatever we want to call it always appears when we refuse to accept things the way they are."

A co-production of Sony Pictures International Productions, Ikiru Films, and 4Cats Pictures, THE PACT is expected to be released in Spain sometime next year. Hopefully it will be reaching other territories soon after, because this sounds like something I would really like to check out. The concept of a woman venturing into Hell to save her child is quite promising, and it should be interesting to see how Victori brings that idea to the screen.

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Source: Variety



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