The Shining's Overlook Hotel recreated with gingerbread

Movie news is slow to non-existent during the holiday season, but while we wait to hear more about the horror movies that we have to look forward to, we can always take a look back at, and pay tribute to, the classics of the genre.

That's what the family of THE HOUSE ON PINE STREET directors Aaron and Austin Keeling have done, paying tribute to Stanley Kubrick's classic THE SHINING by spending two weeks (off and on) building an awesomely detailed gingerbread version of the Overlook Hotel, complete with recreations of iconic moments with tasty treats in place of the actors. The creepy twins, the woman in the bathrub of room 237, Jack Torrance busting through the door to menace his wife Wendy, it's all there. The blood pouring out of the elevator shaft is realized through melted red Jolly Ranchers. Rice Krispie treats colored green stand in for the hedge maze.

I have shared some select shots of this incredible creation here in this article, but the full 29 picture set can be seen at imgur.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of this gingerbread Overlook?
Source: Reddit



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