Trailer: A trip to Los Angeles leads to Everlasting horror

Writer/director Anthony Stabley's EVERLASTING is currently making the festival rounds, and judging by the trailer, which can be seen below, it seems to be a very intriguing presentation of a descent into darkness.

The official logline: 

A high school filmmaker travels to Los Angeles to confront the man who murdered his girlfriend.

Valentina de Angelis, Adam David, Elisabeth Röhm, Michael Massee, and Robert Lasardo star, along with Pat Healy and Bai Ling, who appear to be playing the most prominent of the "freaks" that the youths run into while in L.A.

EVERLASTING premiered at the Crystal Place International Film Festival and last weekend was shown at Panic Fest. This weekend, it will be screened at the Nevermore Film Festival in Durham, North Carolina, where the jury has already chosen it as the Best North American Feature of the festival.

The trailer may be borderline NSFW, as there are multiple instances of barely concealed nipples.

Extra Tidbit: How does EVERLASTING look to you?
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