Trailer digs into England's famous Haunting of Borley Rectory

The Haunting of Borley Rectory Steven M. Smith

The Borley Rectory was a house that seemed to be the center of a lot of paranormal activity; in fact, paranormal researcher Harry Price called it "the most haunted house in England". The place doesn't exist anymore, it was destroyed by fire, but in the days when it stood people claimed they saw a phantom carriage and the ghost of a nun lurking around the house. Residents heard strange noises, objects moved on their own, and a human skull was found in a cupboard.

The story of the Borley Rectory has had a hold on the imagination of filmmaker Steven M. Smith ever since he was a child. A couple years ago he executive produced an animated documentary about the house, and now he has directed a film that was inspired by the legend of THE HAUNTING OF BORLEY RECTORY.

The synopsis: 

When world famous ‘ghosthunter‘ and paranormal researcher Harry Price gets a chance to investigate a series of strange occurances at the rectory, he seizes the opportunity to study the infamous house.               

But who is on his side and who is not? Amid the intrigue of Marianne and Lionel Foyster's unconventional relationship and rising public angst, Price prepares to launch his experiments and solve the case. However, soon after his arrival, everyone linked to the rectory begins to face terrifying ordeals.

Price, who has a history of ill-health and a burning desire to be revered, is the clear focus of a very bitter and twisted ghostly presence. Unexpectedly, and with tragic consequences, Price finds himself the scapegoat for a brutal crime committed many years ago.               

But what is real and what is not? Can Marianne be trusted, or does she see this as her opportunity for the success, freedom and celebrity she has always craved? In investigating Borley, his last project before he retires, has Price gone too far?

As the tension builds inside the rectory and the anger of the local residents outside, who or what will prevail?

Produced by Divinity Pictures in association with Greenway Entertainment, THE HAUNTING OF BORLEY RECTORY was released on DVD in the UK last month. You can pick up a copy of the Region 2 release at THIS LINK. It's expected to receive a release in the US in June.



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