Trailer: Sean Byrne's The Devil's Candy is a heavy metal nightmare

The Devil's Candy Sean Byrne Ethan Embry

We haven't heard a lot about THE DEVIL'S CANDY, the second feature from THE LOVED ONES writer/director Sean Byrne, but what we have heard has been very good. Our own Chris Bumbray got to see the movie at the Toronto International Film Festival back in 2015 and gave it an 8/10 review, calling Byrne "one of the most exciting and original genre voices out there."

The wait to see the movie has taken a while for those of us who didn't catch it in the festival scene, but that wait will soon be coming to an end. IFC Midnight will be giving THE DEVIL'S CANDY a theatrical and VOD release on March 17th.

Starring Ethan Embry, Shiri Appleby, Pruitt Taylor Vince, and Kiara Glasco, the film tells the following story: 

Diehard metalhead and struggling artist Jesse moves with his wife and daughter to a middle-of-nowhere Texas town, unaware that the new house they got for an unbelievable deal comes with a grisly history. Disturbing demonic goings-on culminate with the appearance of Ray. He’s the home’s former resident, and he’s here to do the Devil’s bidding. 

With its release date coming up, a trailer for THE DEVIL'S CANDY has been released online and can be seen below. It looks like this movie, which Bumbray described as a "deliciously over-the-top satanic horror flick with heavy doses of gore, metal and most surprisingly – heart", is going to be one wild ride.

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Source: IFC



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