TV Review: Ash Vs. Evil Dead - Season 2, Episode 4

Season 2, Episode 4: DUI

SUMMARY: Following the death of his father (Lee Majors), Ash (Bruce Campbell) pursues his now-possessed Oldsmobile, which - to make matters worse - has also imprisoned Pablo (Ray Santiago).

REVIEW: This fourth episode of Ash vs Evil Dead marks the season directing debut of Michael J. Bassett, who helmed some of last season’s best episodes. A feature director known for SOLOMON KANE, DEATHWATCH and others, Bassett has always brought an energetic take to the series, and this is in evidence right from the get-go, which doesn’t waste any time in sending Ash after his formerly beloved olds, now that his dad is roadkill.

After a few episodes that featured Pablo’s new connection with the Necronomicon being teased, he comes into his own this week after being grabbed by the possessed car, with him imprisoned along with the town sheriff’s terrified daughter, whose friends originally stole Ash’s ride and paid a deadly price. We learn that Pablo, now a kind of Brujo (if you remember last season) actually has some kind of power over it, meaning he’s able to survive a whole lot longer than most people do when they come face-to-face with Ash’s deadly olds.

Returning this week is Ted Raimi as Chet, who spends the episode as Ash’s drunk sidekick, with the former talking him in to letting him borrow his car with the promise that they’re on the way to a “titty bar.” Nope. The soundtrack is especially fun this episode, with Chet’s cassette collection (mostly Rush) providing our rockin’ action music while Ash is in hot pursuit. Bassett even squeezes in a reference to the old Raimi film swhen the camera pans, over and over, back and forth between Ash and Chet as he tries to convince him that, yes, they are in fact going to a strip club and not pursuing a possessed car - because that would be silly.

The episode ends with a two-pronged showdown, one featuring Ash and Pablo against the Olds, while Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) and Ruby (Lucy Lawless) face with the evil spawn. At the end of the episode, it actually looks like things have resolved themselves somewhat, with even Ash’s dad guiding him Obi Wan Kenobi-style from beyond the grave, and the ladies decapitating the major baddie of the week. Is Ash heading back to Jacksonville? Don’t bet on it.

As in previous weeks, this is a breezy, fun twenty-six minute episode with some good action and funny bits. After last week’s (which I think is the season highlight) it was probably my favorite episode of the season, and it seems to have tied up the first arc of the season pretty nicely one-third of the way in. Bassett always brings a lot of energy and style to the show so it’s fun to see him back, although I’m still bummed Majors’s character has been killed off. I also hope Dana and Pablo are reunited soon, as I like their chemistry and prefer them together rather than spun-off on their own individual adventures. Bring on next week’s episode!



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