TV REVIEW: Supernatural, Season 10, Episode 12 (About a Boy)!

EPISODE: "About a Boy"

THE PLOT: Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padelecki) get dragged into a mysterious case that sees grown-ups vanish to then re-appear as teenagers. Quicker than you can say “17 Again” we have a 14 years old Dean Winchester to deal with. Yeehaw!


Cheer up Sam! At least it's not Deanmon!

THE DEALIOMan did I have a blast with this episode! It did so many things at the same time and did them all very well at that! First it adequately dealt with Dean trying to cope with the mark. But as opposed to shying away from it like he did in recent past episodes he took it head on here like the Dean Winchester we all know and love by researching it and eventually not hiding from it (the beginning of the end for Clean-Dean methinks). Jensen Ackles was in top form here (well, lets face it, he always is) and personally it was groovy seeing the shot downing and ladies man Dean back in the saddle again even if it was in a more restrained fashion than usual. I missed THAT guy!

And then the big twist happened. The boys got sucked into a missing person case and next thing you know we have a grown up Dean but in the body of a 14 year old to deal with. I loved how Sam hardly blinked when Teen Dean showed up at his door…lol! Taking into account all of the madness the brothers have gone through over the years; I can’t say I blamed his reaction. Huge kudos to young actor Dylan Everett who played Tween Dean (note: he also played teen Dean in the Season 9 Bad Boys episode, but in that one he was 16 years old). He had Ackles mannerism down pat, nailed his speech pattern and shared a well- oiled chemistry with Jared Padelecki. 

Is that my Ex? First time I see her cook...

I was mucho convinced that I was witnessing a young Dean doing his thing. Talk about dead on! That resulted in the brotherly banter hitting the spot on both fronts: Sam with Grown Dean and Sam with Teen Dean. The dialogue was sharp, the chemistry well oiled and the laughs plenty… for me anyways. Good shit! Finally the horror elements also came through. In typical Supernatural fashion; they took a well-known Fairy Tale (in this case, it was Hansel and Gretel) and gave it a modern spin. I dug the rationale behind the “why” as to them kidnapping adults and turning them into kids instead of snatching kids. Very clever; just like the whole of this episode.

Add to all that Jared Padelecki being “on” comedic wise, killer lines (“You just pulled a Dean Winchester!”), strong supporting performances (Madeleine Arthur was excellent as the big Tina trapped in a kid’s body and Lesley Nicol killed it as the evil witch) and solid writing (by Adam Glass) all around and you get a potent “monster of the week” episode. If I had one complaint, it would be: “Why did Dean burn the hex bag, knowing that Tina was in the state she was in?” Felt like a trivial move to force the story in the direction it needed to go. Other than that, no complaints from this twerp! So what did you think of the episode! Talk to me fellow Hunters and see ya next week!




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