Universal and Blumhouse to bring us The Purge 2

In the least surprising news of the week, Universal and Blumhouse Productions are moving forward with a sequel to THE PURGE, the Ethan Hawke-starring thriller set in a peaceful future where the government has sanctioned that crime be legal for a horrifying 12-hour night once a year, which opened to a $36.4 million weekend at the box office on a $3 million budget.

Last week we shared the news that, even before the first film had hit theaters, THE PURGE 2 had landed a spot among the 31 projects chosen for the California Film Commission's tax credit, and now Variety is reporting that Universal has boarded the sequel. Even the Blumhouse Productions Twitter account has confirmed the sequel is in development, sending out the following tweet last night:

This isn't unexpected news at all seeing as how THE PURGE exceeded box office expectations. We'll keep you updated on news regarding THE PURGE 2 as we hear it.

Extra Tidbit: What direction would you like to see THE PURGE 2 go in?
Source: Variety



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