We talk with Paul Feig, Melissa McCarthy and cast about Ghostbusters!

Are you ready for GHOSTBUSTERS? Well, sure there are a number of you who aren't and it's all well and good. For everyone else however, the spooky comedy hits theatres this Friday and it's a whole lot of fun. Paul Feig brings Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones to the big screen to battle supernatural forces. In addition, Chris Hemsworth shows up to add a ton of laughs to the preceedings.

Recently, we had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Feig, as well as McCartney, McKinnon and Jones in preparation for Friday's release. It's always great to chat with Paul, who opened up about the challenges bringing this to the big screen - and we all know there have been a few. The director also opened up about just how much CGI is used, as well as the mix of practical effects.

Next up we spoke to Melissa McCarthy about her role and how much she loved the original films. It's always a great experience to chat with McCarthy, she really is about as funny and kindhearted as you can get. And when it comes to sequels, while she didn't say for sure because it all depends on the box office, she's be thrilled to return. When it comes to her co-stars, McKinnon and Jones clearly were having a blast as they discussed working with Feig, and whether or not they are truly afraid of ghosts.

GHOSTBUSTERS will be haunting theatres this Friday!

Source: AITH

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