Wes Craven questions whether or not you really want Scream 5

Does the world need another entry in the SCREAM franchise? Based on the box office of SCREAM 4 (or SCRE4M, depending on your preferred nomenclature), the answer is probably "No." However, director Wes Craven is still intent on getting the fanbase's opinion. Last night, the Master of Horror took the issue to Twitter, writing "No news on Scream 5 yet. You guys really want another one?"

You can read a lot of layers into this if you want to, but the fact of the matter is the franchise's future has been uncertain since SCREAM 4's release. The films been a great meal ticket for Craven and the Weinsteins, but SCREAM 4's diminished returns seem to signify a loss of interest with modern audiences. Still, the possibility of a 5th film has always been on the table and Craven contractually has a first shot at directing it.

In an interview with us last year, Craven reported "Kevin [Williamson] sketched out a trilogy arc, that was the original concept. I'm sure the studio would like to do the rest of the trilogy, and it seems like the box office - the foreign sales - has justified doing another one. And then it's a matter of a script that's worthy of being the second installment. From what I hear, that's probably what Bob [Weinstein] is doing right now, trying to get to that second concept for a second film."

Yet nothing has come of it. Craven is apparently waiting for Dimension to move the project forward but, knowing Bob and Harvey, SCREAM 5 (or 5CREAM, depending on your preferred nomenclature) could go the way of HALLOWEEN III and the HELLRAISER remake. SCREAM 4 ended the series on a decent note, so what do you guys think? Should we petition for more Ghostface or should Craven and company let it be for the series' sake? Talk back with your opinion below.

Extra Tidbit: Allison Brie (above) stole SCREAM 4 in her brief but memorable role. Hollywood, give us more Allison Brie!
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