Wes Craven teams with 30 Days of Night scribe for graphic novel Coming of Rage, film being eyed

Hardened horror heads take note, Wes Craves is COMING OF RAGE!

Deadline is reporting that genre maven, Mr. Craven, has hatched a graphic novel called COMING OF RAGE that is being written by 30 DAYS OF NIGHT scribe Steve Niles. Word is Arnold Rifkin (LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD) is teaming with Liquid Comics' CEO Sharad Devarajan to develop a feature film adaptation of the comic. Pretty cool shite!

While plot details are scant, we can assume the comic will be steeped in plenty of blood and guts coming from Craven. Hopefully (maybe not, given his recent track record) Craven will decide to man up and direct the adaptation himself. If he doesn't, who should?

COMING OF RAGE is set to be released by Liquid in 2013 as both a five-issue comic series and a graphic novel.

Extra Tidbit: If Craven directs, will it be closer to SCREAM 4 or MY SOUL TO TAKE?
Source: Deadline



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