Will the Warrens return in Annabelle 3?

As we all know, THE CONJURING UNIVERSE is expanding at all times. This past weekend we were hit with the latest entry, Corin Hardy's THE NUN starring Demian Bichir and Taissa Farmiga, and it was just yesterday that we brought you word that THE CONJURING 3 may begin filming next year. 

But what's going on with ANNABELLE 3 and more importantly, when in THE CONJURING UNIVERSE timeline does it take place and will Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga return as Ed and Lorraine Warren? Well, screenwriter/director Gary Dauberman just spoke to Cinema Blend about those things and his answers were very interesting. 

Will the Warrens be back for this new adventure?

That is something I'm not going to confirm or deny. I guess we'll just have to wait and see, but just going off the story and all that stuff, it is inside their home.

So when does this new film take place in THE CONJURING UNIVERSE?

It's really bringing Annabelle back home, and sort of the franchise to a degree after going... I was out there in Romania for a couple months making [The Nun], you know, you get homesick from being away from family, and that really kind of informed my creative direction for this movie. It's the artifact room; it's the Warren's house so it's sort of in suburbia... For me it's sort of bringing the franchise back home and then bringing in sort of the idea of a horror movie happening inside the Warren's house where there's this room in their basement that houses all these kinds of evil and horror. So we kind of have a lot of fun and a lot of scares with that.

So while Dauberman isn't quick to confirm whether or not Wilson and Farmiga will have (at least) cameos in the upcoming ANNABELLE 3, the fact that it takes place in their home must (again, at least) mean that there is a cameo in the works. I guess we'll see sooner or later.

ANNABELLE 3 (that's not the official title) will center on 

the Warrens bringing Annabelle back to their artifact room, where she targets their 10-year old daughter. 

How bad would you like to see the Warrens return in ANNABELLE 3? Let us know below!

Extra Tidbit: I wonder if they'll recast the Warrens' daughter for this film?
Source: Cinema Blend



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