William Brent Bell's The Boy, starring Lauren Cohan, eyes early 2016 release

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Not to be confused with SpectreVision's SXSW premiere of the same title, director William Brent Bell's (THE DEVIL INSIDE) upcoming horror tale THE BOY, which stars "The Walking Dead" hottie Lauren Cohan, has been given a release date, but if you were hoping to catch this one hitting cinemas this year you'll have to wait just a bit longer.

Deadline recently reported on Universal's plans to handle the home video releases of STX Entertainment's films as part of a new deal, and inside their story it was revealed that STX would be theatrically distributing THE BOY on January 22, 2016.

With production currently underway on the project, we recently brought you a full synopsis so you can get a better idea of what this spooky story's all about. Check it out below:

Greta (Cohan), a young American woman looking to escape a troubled past, takes a job in a small England village as a nanny for a wealthy couple’s 8-year-old son while they take a long vacation. She arrives at the remote manor to discover that things are not quite right. The surprisingly elderly Mr. & Mrs. Heelshire have a list of strict rules for her to follow in caring for their son Brahms, and they mysteriously warn Greta that not following them precisely could result in something terrible. But, the most disturbing realization of all is that Brahms is not an actual 8-year-old boy….he’s a life-sized porcelain doll, whom the doting parents care for and deeply love, just like a real boy.

“If you love him,” Greta is sternly instructed, “he will love you back.”

Isolated and alone, Greta notices that every time she breaks a rule, something strange happens in the house, and the doll reappears in different places and positions than where she put him. Compelled to uncover the mystery behind Brahms, Greta enlists the help of the local grocery delivery man, the only human being she sees for weeks, who shares horrifying details about the Heelshire family’s disturbing past, leading Greta to realize that she wasn’t just hired – she was chosen.

Joining Cohan are Jim Norton (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets), Diana Hardcastle (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel), Ben Robson (Vikings), Rupert Evans (Hellboy) and James Russell (Blue Bloods).

Written by Stacey Menear, THE BOY is being produced by Tom Rosenberg & Gary Lucchesi, Roy Lee, Matt Berenson, and Jim Wedaa. The film will be shooting in Victoria, British Columbia and the surrounding community.

Extra Tidbit: How does THE BOY's synopsis sound to you? Are you curious about this one?
Source: Deadline



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