Young black horror filmmakers, Jordan Peele wants to produce your script!

Jordan Peele's directorial debut GET OUT has already scared up a stunning $113 million dollars at the domestic box-office. More impressive still is the film was shot on a limited budget of about $5 million.

Now while the film is f*cking great and, as I have said before, one of the few films in recent years to capture that paranoid dread found in early Polanski flicks, the film has no doubt found some of its success by telling a story that is rare to the horror genre: (SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT!) the tale of the black character who not only lives to see the credits roll, but is the hero of the film.

Yes, other than George A. Romero's classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, it is a rarity to find a black leading man in a horror flick. And NOTLD's hero didn't even make it to the very end! Did I need to say spoilers there? Nah.

Anyhow, Jordan Peele wants to do something about the lack of black talent behind the camera in horror. He recently talked to Digital Spy, and offered this fellow black filmmakers.

Jordan Peele's offer to black horror filmmakers:

For young black horror filmmakers, if you have a script, reach out and I'll try to help it get made. Monkeypaw Productions is my production company and we're really trying to promote untapped voices in genre."

Peele on the lack of diversity in Hollywood:

One is there's this misconception in Hollywood - that is hopefully nearing its end - that black leads in films don't do well, particularly overseas. 

But I think even more, the reason we don't see more films about the African American experience is because we haven't nurtured black talent, we haven't encouraged young black filmmakers to dream big.

When you have that, that's when you have this systemic problem where artists aren't getting their platforms, aren't given their platforms.

Some stories it's impossible for a white person to tell.

Peele offers this advice for up and coming filmmakers: 

I would say, write your favorite movie that hasn't been made."

This is amazingly gracious of Jordan Peele and if I were you (and black) I would take him up on this offer asap. Hell, even if you don't currently have a script, write one of them sumbitches up asap and send it to the man!

GET OUT is now in theaters. Check out our own interview with Peele HERE.

GET OUT hottie Allison Williams

Extra Tidbit: Will you be submitting your script to Jordan Peele?
Source: Digital Spy



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