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A Lonely Place to Die(2011)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Julian Gilbey

Melissa George/Alison
Eamonn Walker/Andy
Sean Harris/Mr. Kidd
Karel Roden/Darko
8 10
A group of mountain climbers, doing their danger thang in the Scottish Highlands, find “something” which results in them having to run, swim and climb for their lives.
Is it me or does having Melissa George in a genre flick post Amytiville remake usually mean QUALITY. I zeroed in on this sucker due to her presence alone, I didn't know jack all as to what it was about and now that I've climbed its peaks, I am beyond elated that I did; A LONELY PLACE TO DIE owned me hardcore, and here's why!

I went online after my viewing of this one to see what other peeps thought of it and was horrified to see the spoiler filled reviews that were out there. For me, not knowing the ins and out of a plot before I see a movie is part of the fun, I love not knowing what to expect. So I will do my best here to keep the details in he dark and just eat this one out clean and good. The first thing that struck me about A LONELY PLACE TO DIE was its eye popping mountain locations and its kinetic visual style which just wouldn't stop stimulating my retinas and making me wow left, right and center. If it wasn't the striking areal shots or the powerful crane shots grabbing me, it was the stylish POV shots or the way slow motion was used to punctuate key moments, that was getting me off. I freaking loved it! Writer/Director Julian Gilbey (who had his start as an editor, yes he co edited this one) is one to watch in my book. I totally fell in love with his style here and he could do wonders with the action or/thriller subgenre. Shit, he already did with this badass! Give this guy more money, a bigger movie, an A list star and TOTAL CREATIVE CONTROL... we should get another masterpiece!

Story wise, the screenplay here was pure genius in its simplicity. Set up characters, put them in a setting where death can happen at any turn, toss in a curve ball and let the sparks fly till the end. Straight up, once the rabbit out of the snatch, this white knuckle thriller just wouldn't let up! Suspense was thick, the action breathtaking, the stunt work fantastic and the fact that I didn't know 100% who would live or die solely added to the proceedings. It surely helped that the cast on hand was tops across the board. Melissa George once again proved that she is a force to be reckoned with within the horror/thriller field. Her performance was intense, realistic and affable. She was well backed by the likes of Ed Speleers (who often stole the scenery), the great Karel Roden, the badass Eamonn Walker and the slimy Sean Harris. It is to note that Stephen McCole was one frightening motherf*cker here. End of note. Now even though every horror site covered this flick, it is not a horror movie. It's an action driven, run for your life, thriller. With that, some horror tones did surface during the cap-off and I couldn't get enough of them. Talk about visually arresting, un-apologetically brutal and just got damn cum inducing. Add to all that: masterstroke cinematography by Ali Asad, brilliant camera work and a stellar score by Michael Richard Plowman that juiced up the tension to a silly degree and you get one of the best films I have seen this year.

Any peeves? Not really. The flick pulled a misleading ploy on me that lasted 5 second. At first I thought it was a cheap shot, but looking back, I now see it as the flick f*cking with my expectations. So scratch that! I guess if I had one complaint is that we've seen the WHY behind the madness a bazillion times before... but hey if that's all I can find to bitch about, tells you a lot about how STAND OUT this flick is. A LONELY PLACE TO DIE simply rocked! Oppressing from beginning to end. See it! All I gotta say...fucking SEE IT!
Bloody guns shot wounds.
T & A
Nada amigos!
A LONELY PLACE TO DIE is the kind of picture I would like to see come out on the big screen in North America at least twice a year. A talented cast, an imposing setting, high tension, a body count to be reckoned with, twist and turns I didn't see coming and a visual style that simply blew me away. They should show this movie in action/thriller film school, cause this is how it's done freaking right! Yes the WHY was nothing unique, but that didn't take away from the visceral ride I was tossed on. A little masterpiece! Loved it! Will you? Who knows!
The films working title was "The Grave at Angel's Peak".

Will Gilbey's screenplay was initially called "The Long Weekend". Yes Julian Gilbey also worked on it.

Franka Potente was originally cast for the role as Alison