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Angel Heart(1987)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Alan Parker

Mickey Rourke/Harry
Lisa Bonet/Apiffany
Charlotte Rampling/Margaret
Robert De Niro/Louis Cypher
10 10
Harry Angel (Rourke) is a low rent private dick living a simple life of cigarettes, broads and booze but all that changes when he takes a job from Louis Cypher (De Niro) to track down a missing person named \"Johnny Favorite\" an old crooner. As the case progresses, an aura of religion and voodoo seem to be all around the case and him. When strangers begin chasing him around and dead bodies start popping up left and right, Harry realizes that he’s in over his head. Sometimes the truth is not always good to know.
A beautifully shot, chilling mix of \"film noir\" and supernatural horror. The photography in this movie is elegantly dark and ceiling fans or any kind of fans for that matter never seemed more sinister. The movie moves at a slow, steady pace with subtle clues everywhere. After viewing this movie many times, I noticed so many things that I hadn’t picked up before. And even if you figure out the end twist before it arrives, you’re still in for a creepy, engrossing experience.
Mainly after the fact. Many cadavers, some with their heart ripped out others shot in the eye. But the highlight is the sex scene between Rourke and Bonet…drenched in blood.
Mickey Rourke once a fantastic actor, now a wash out gives a dirty, bad boy, greasy performance. He’s such a natural so instinctive. His scene with acting god \"Robert De Niro\" are some of my favorite scenes in the movie. Mickey holds his own and seeing these two acting greats battle it out is a pleasure. What happened Mickey? Robert De Niro does good with his shady part. He’s not onscreen often but when he is you know it and pay attention. Charlotte Rampling (Margaret) gives a cold and distant performance, which is perfect for the part she’s playing. Lisa Bonet lets her nipples do ALL the work…where’s Bill Cosby when you need him.
T & A
Miss Bonet shows us her breasts, Rourke shows up without a shirt a bit out of shape. (see him in Double Team where he has the body of a wrestler…muscled) and reveals his bottom.
Parker is an amazing director and paints a dark, atmospheric picture filled with exquisite cinematography, dreamy flash backs and eerie scenes, this movie is a sight to behold. He also loves to play with sounds and whispers. Dripping rain, creepy fans, creaking doors, dark elevators…this movie smells of death.
The score is a big part of the film and is excellent. I couldn’t imagine the movie without it. We’re also blessed with a couple of great blues tune (and I hate blues).
A very satisfying movie experience. Watching Angel Heart is like having a nightmare, except you don’t want to wake up. The movie pulls you in from the first frame and doesn’t let go until the end of the credits. If you haven’t seen this film, drop your axe, let the victim go and run to the video store. It should be on everybody\'s top ten list.
Two movie bad boys are trying to help their homey out. Mickey will appear in Sean Penn’s \"The Pledge\" and in Steve Buscemi’s \"Animal Factory\". Come back Mickey!