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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Stephen Norrington

Wesley Snipes/Blade
Stephen Dorff/Frost
Kris Kristofferson/Whistler
Udo Kier/Dragonetti
6 10
Half man, half bloodsucker, Blade (Snipes) is a one-dude vampire killing machine. But has he met his match in the CK model look-alike vamp Frost (Dorff)? Hey, it's Wesley Snipes…what do ya think?
A great concept and a wonderful Snipes almost made this one happen for me. I said almost. Let's start with the negative: The film’s main snag is the script written by David S. Goyer (who wrote the lackluster Crow: City Of Angels). Instead of keeping it simple for Blade’s first shot at the big screen, Goyer pads the storyline with too much "Blood God" psycho babble, a subplot that quickly takes over the main plot. Goyer keeps that storyline going till the end where an overblown climax filled with corny CGI caps it off. BARF! At least if the CGI was good, it wouldn’t have been half as bad but here the CGI blows like a hooker on prom night. Who did they hire to do these effects? Twelve-year-old kids?

The movie does start with a bang but it quickly whimpers down never measuring up to its explosive beginning (until the end fight between Dorff and Snipes…fun stuff). I was begging for more action the whole way through. They should have trusted the main plot: Blade’s roots and his fight against vampires. That whole "Blood God" shite bored me and slowed the flick down big time!

Now for the positive: Snipes is the man and it's great to see a film that puts his martial arts talents to good use. In real life Snipes is a black belt in Karate and this is the first flick (that I've seen) that exploits it fully. I loved his swordplay shite! Dope!!!!!! Snipes puts Van Damme and Seagal to shame and kicks major arse.

The basic story is way kool. A vampire bit Blade’s mother when she was pregnant and the consequence was that he became half man/half creature of the night. Now he wants revenge. That would have been enough plot for me! I guess the screenwriter thought otherwise.

Overall, Blade is a good-looking film with a couple of exciting fight sequences. It should have been an all-out action fest, ranked right up there with T2. It isn’t. It’s a shame to see so much promise be tarnished but I will admit that the film’s positive elements make this vamp flick worth a look. Bite this…
Lots of cut off limbs, decomposing vamps and groovy ass kicking. The violence is sometime softened by the obvious use of CGI. It makes the bloody scenes (when Udo bites it…FAKE!!!!!) look like a bad video game. Loved that fat bubbly creature though…
Wesley Snipes (Blade) rocks as the supernatural avenger. I loved his occasional humorous touches, his crazy fighting skills and his polished outfit. Snipes is all badass here. Kris Kristofferson (Whistler) is actually good as Blade’s mentor and even the occasional bad line didn’t make him look bad. Stephen Dorff (Frost) is all attitude here and looks like a drugged out rock star…that’s positive. I’m convinced Udo Kier (Dragonetti) is a vampire in real life. N. Bushe Wright (Karen) gives solid support to Snipes and comes through on all fronts.
T & A
Chicks will love Snipes' muscular body and I guess some might also dig Dorff`s hairy chest. I appreciated the skimpy outfits the ladies wore in the film…no tit action though…
Much like the script, the directing is at its strongest during the film's first 20 minutes. Lots of MTV like style and quick cuts. After that, the film seems to play it straight most of the time. The energy does come back for the conclusion though. Uneven.
The crazy techno songs make the action sequences even more exciting. The score is also adequate.
Blade is not a bad movie. But considering the concept and the good actors, I expected much better. Hopefully the sequel will give us more Blade action for our bucks. Snipes rules this film and I for one am looking forward to seeing him in that leather outfit kicking that vampire arse again.
The movie that the vampires are watching up at Frost’s pad is: Mortal Kombat.

Blade 2 is also written by David S. Goyer (damn!) but at least Guillermo Del Toro (who also directs) co-wrote it with him. All is not lost.