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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Àlex Pastor
David Pastor

Chris Pine/Brian
Lou Taylor Pucci/Danny
Piper Perabo/Bobby
Emily VanCamp/Kate
7 10
A killer virus has turned the world into a post apocalyptic wasteland. We follow two couples as they strive to keep their their shit together and the virus AWAY from them.
CARRIERS got a take a piss and you missed it limited release back in September, 2009. It took me coming to Spain and bugging out at the Sitges Film Festival to finally see the damn thing. It must be said that everybody at the Fest was telling me it was a piece of shit. Whaaaa??? Somebody was smoking the wrong brand. Just goes to show that opinions are like crazy ex girlfriends who f*ck with your head by way of your dong- we all have them - I saw it and dug it the most!

It's a statement to the film's quality that I stayed engaged and awake the whole time cause I only had three hours of sleep to back me up at this screening. The flick dug its claws into me right away via introducing me to its appealing four lead characters and never stopped digging. Yup, I fell in love with these people and yearned to be in that car with them. Shooting guns with Pine, copping a feel on Perabo and ducking a deadly virus seemed like fun times compared to my present life but I digress. The actors owned it hardcore. Unknowns Lou Taylor and Emily VanCamp took me aback with their mucho credible performances and Piper Perabo proved that she is now on top of her acting chops and looks better than ever at that. As for Chris Pine, he did get on my nerves at first with his macho and always angry demeanor but I think that's cause he reminded me of me. Yup I get on my own nerves. Seriously though, once I understood his character, it was all good. Pine is the Mack!

Moreover, I was affected by the relationships at hand (that brother angle killed me) and touched by the themes that were brought up: trust and retaining one's humanity. In my useless opinion though, if you don't get into these characters, you will not enjoy the movie. Granted, the movie has horror elements tagged to its ass, but this isn't 28 Days Later over here. For the most part, the flick bypassed infected peeps going buck nuts in favor of focusing on a group of peeps trying to stay virus clean at all cost while struggling with themselves and  the situation they are in.. That's not to say I didn't get a couple of horror howlers to keep me on my tippy-toes and when they kicked in, they back-handed hard.. The makeup effects were stellar and the Pastor Brothers knew a thing or five about HOW to generate tension and deliver a solid payoff. Speaking of the directors - hey man, I'm all for seeing what they do next, cause this bitch sported some inventive camera angles, cool shots and striking cinematography. A sunny desert never felt so damn oppressive.  I'd also like to take the time to address the editing which I thought was genius. It often amplified the emotional content of the film, hence ruining my sorry ass even more. Add to that a somber and often moving score, an able supporting cast (Christopher Meloni was amazing here - underrated actor) and an ending that whooped me to bitch heaven and you get a tight little ditty that should have gotten more love on the big screen.

On the sour side of the Rum and Coke (take that lime and shove it - I hate when they put a lime in my drink...grrrr), we've seen this type of movie before many o times, so some of its events and their outcomes reeked of déjà vu. With that neck-snapped, by focusing on the characters to this degree and not turning the whole thing into a Zombie orgy - the flick came out fresh enough for this jerk. Finally, I picked up on a couple of plot holes having to do with the rules these folks went by to survive and how they used (misused) them. Nothing too severe but the muck-ups would sometimes decrease the impact of some of the situations. Overall though CARRIERS hit the spot and was better than lots of the garbage that pollutes our theaters now of late. I recommend you catch it when it infects DVD shelves.

Blood here and there, damaged infected (somebody need moisturizer), dirty puking and gun shot wounds. Gore was not this one's priority.
T & A
We get chicks in their undies but the scene was far from erotic. I gotta say it though; Piper Perabo is looking better and better with age. I always though she was a fox, but now she's a mega fox.
CARRIERS was a winner to me! Strong initial premise, four lead players I got attached too, affecting relationships & drama and visuals that hit where it counts - in the nads! Sure the affair was predictable in places and tripped on its own feet here and there in terms of keeping to its own internal logic, but this f*cker had me by the Hacky-Sack the whole way and I had a groovy time with it. I urge you all to teach it a lesson when it finally gets a proper release.
The flick was shot in New Mexico, USA and Texas, USA.

Lou Taylor Pucci was also in the Dennis Quaid horror film Horsemen (2009).

Chris Pine's first acting role was in a 2003 episode of the TV show ER.